The importance of English language skills
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English language:

The English language is the global language of communication, and the most important thing comes from its interconnectedness in an interactive relationship, where each skill affects the other and is affected by it at the same time, which is listening, speaking, reading, writing, which constitute the basics of learning the English language, so the language is a tool used in Our conversation to express with others our demands, our opinions, and our ideas (Pittman, 1967).

The importance of learning the English language:

The importance of the English language lies in the fact that it represents the language of the modern era, and it is the first language most widespread in the world, and the English language is the language of science, technology and scientific research, economics, e-commerce and aviation, tourism and travel, and it is the language of computers and studies in all universities and graduate institutes in the world.

Objectives of English Language Teaching:

There are many objectives that when teaching the English language, as defined by Pittman (1997), and through the following points:

  1. Achieving oral or written communication with the children of other peoples who speak the English language.
  2. Understanding the directions and instructions given during work.
  3. Reading books in English on a variety of topics.
  4. Reading English books on technical and scientific topics.

Speaking skills:

Speaking skills are one of the most important goals in language learning. Education in itself aims to teach the language and form a personality capable of expressing thoughts, feelings and trends, and facing situations and daily communication in a positive, effective and easy way, as the importance of speaking skill has gained a lot Among the studies, research and literature that determine their importance, fields, skills, and how to acquire and develop them among students, it came in a study (Revathy & Ravindran, 2016) in which they indicated that it is important to acquire speaking skills, and the English language teacher should not rely on books only in teaching Language, but students must also be involved through natural conversations in order to ensure that they acquire speaking skills.


Writing skills:

Good writing skills are important for effective communication, the better the student write the more easily the readers with understand him.




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